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Dear All

from    Palaniappan Meyyappan
sender-time    Sent at 3:52 AM (GMT+05:30). Current time there: 9:17 AM. ?
to    palaniappan m <>,,,
date    Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 3:52 AM
subject    Warning!!!!!!!!!!! Spam Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation.

hide details Jun 28 (2 days ago)

Dear All,

My gmail account has been either accessed by an unknown user or an email is automatically triggered from my gmail account and it had been sent from my gmail account to all my gmail contacts, please ignore that email about the electronic products followed by a link which will ask for your credit/Debit card details, this seems to be a spam.

Please IGNORE the below email.


From: Palaniappan Meyyappan <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun …
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Talk soon

With due respect,

This should be my 3rd email message to you.I do not know if am on with siva kumar, I believe I got the info right this time.

If really I did, Kindly let me know how to contact you properly?I would love to call you if the need should arise for more clarification.

Please let me know how it goes.It is very Important!

Talk soon,

Ruth Gonzalez
Ruth Gonzalez Ascociados


I received a sms today from +91 8468933160 stating like this
My Name is Mrs Emily Nathan. I want to transfer $5.5m Dollars to you for the poor one's in your country india contact me here :
So i have replied back saying that
"am busy now. And on my behalf the Commission of Police will take care of you and the process 😊☺"
So my dear folks better be careful and beware on this type of messages or call...

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Sub: Revised PO 16

Dear Supplier,
Find attached our new PO as per telephonic discussion. Kindly send PI and account details for advance payment.
Regards, Ms. Bimbo Malik. Bhupedra & Bros 2010<>Jun 11

to bcc: me FYIP .......................................................
Adiz Int,Company LTD.Mexico. komagan swaminathan<>Jun 24 (3 days ago)

to bcc: me


Guru Sundar April 15 at 7:49pm · Edited · Just now i got a call from 7200002851
A lady spoke with me and she claimed herself as an officer from aadhaar card verification department. She asked me to tell my name & address. I asked her how did you got my number. She told me that "you have mentioned it in your aadhaar card sir". I have also mentioned my address in my aadhaar card. so tell my address i will say whether its correct or wrong. But she refused to tell the address.
An important aspect to be noted in this case is I DON'T HAVE AADHAAR CARD AND I HAVEN'T EVEN REGISTERED FOR IT. This is the 3rd time i am getting such call.
These guys are giving fake calls to collect name and address database and sell it to corporate companies for their business dealing.
In exhibitions, shopping malls a guy will be standing in front and ask us to fill a gift coupon form(You won;t get any gift from them for sure)
This is also the same kind of phishing activity. D…