online scams

Scams that send you a fake renewal notice for your actual domain name, or a misleading invoice for a domain name that is very similar to your own.

Spam emails, SMS or MMS usually offer free goods or ‘prizes’, very cheap products or promises of wealth. Responding to spam messages can result problems for you computer and your bank account.

Offers of ‘free’ website access, downloads, holidays, shares or product trials – but you have to supply your credit card or other personal details.

Modem-jacking scams secretly change the phone number dial-up modems use to access the internet to an overseas or premium rate phone number. You could pay hundreds of dollars extra.

Spyware is a type of software that spies on what you do on your computer. Key-loggers record what keys you press on your keyboard. Scammers can use them to steal your online banking passwords or other personal information.

You are sent a cheque for something you have sold, but it is for more than the amount agreed. The scammer hopes you will refund the extra money before you notice that their cheque has bounced.

You are asked to send money upfront for a product or ‘reward’. You will end up with something much less than you expected, or nothing at all.

There are many types of scams that aim to steal your credit card details, either by taking the card itself or by tricking you into giving them the card’s details.

Phishing emails are fake emails usually pretending to be from banks or other financial institutions. They make up some reason for you to give your account details and then use these details to steal your money.

Fake online pharmacies offer drugs and medicines at very cheap prices or without a prescription. They can cause you major health and money problems.
Phishing: Each month Skeptic™ analyzes billions of messages sent to our clients from sources around the world. First emerging in the mid-1990s, the term ‘phishing’ describes a range of criminal activities designed to steal confidential data via computer systems and then use this data or sell it for a profit. Whether the stolen information consists of valuable intellectual property, customer data, bank account or credit card details, usernames or passwords, the bottom-line damage suffered by businesses falling victim to phishing attacks can be enormous.
Recent Analysis: From the MessageLabs Intelligence Report for May 2011, phishing activity decreased by 0.06 percentage points since April 2011; one in 286.7 emails (0.349%) comprised some form of phishing attack.

Symantec MessageLabs Web A core part of our Web Security Services is Web Filtering, which assists you to enforce acceptable usage policies. - Web URL Filtering Service gives you control over how your staff utilizes the internet, helping to protect your business from the legal implications that can arise from inappropriate use, while enabling you to block access to websites by URL, time of day, or file type.
Recent Analysis: From the MessageLabs Intelligence Report for May 2011, he most common trigger for policy-based filtering applied by Symantec MessageLabs Web for its business clients was for the “Advertisements & Popups” category, which accounted for 45.9% of blocked Web activity in May. The second most frequently blocked traffic was categorized as Social Networking, and accounted for 16.2% of URL-based filtering activity blocked, equivalent to one in every 6.2 Web sites blocked.

 This email and any attachments are strictly confidential and intended solely for the addressee. They may contain information which is covered by legal, professional or other privilege. If you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy the email or the attachments, or use them for any purpose or disclose their contents to any other person. To do so may be unlawful. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify the sender as soon as possible and delete the message and attachments from all places in you computer where they are stored.

Please be aware that email is not a secure form of communication. Messages sent via this medium may be subject to delays, non-delivery and unauthorized access. Although we have scanned this email and any attachments for viruses, it is your responsibility to secure that they are actually virus free.


Web AntiVirus and AntiSpyware

The Web has become the primary vector for delivering viruses and spyware. Users who visit sites that have been compromised can unwittingly download malware that can harm your organization. The Symantec Web service protects your business from these threats, that can steal your confidential information, re-direct your web searches to harmful sites, and diminish your network’s performance or worse.
Our Web service offers anti-spyware protection and antivirus defenses to protect against Web-borne threats and has a service level for 100% protection from known Web viruses. We use multiple signature scanning engines plus our proprietary technology, Skeptic™, to deliver the ultimate antivirus and anti-spyware protection from the most sophisticated and targeted Web-based threats.


Do not believe the following companies. We loss more money without proper reason. The bellow content will be deleted after i will get refund. my original  reviews. Lessons learn from others. otherwise please excuse sorry...

1. In 2006, SBI creditcard company cheat us Rs.1500 for font downlaoding but we are not purchase it. but no choice we pay it. It is also fraud.

2. In 2001 at coimbatore, post office near avinashilingam womens college, one gentleman comes and ask me for Rs.40 for urgent post, he ask my office address and tell me he will come and give within half an hour but till now i cannot receive it. he also fraud.

3.In 2009, IDBI, KK nagar branch staffs cheat us, we create a SB account for Rs.2500, for buy a credit card in idbi bank. but when we go to bank directly they says In IDBI bank there is no credit card facility. so i closed by account with penality Rs.250. This is unwanted loss for me. that cheaters will not develope in their life. It is also fraud.I cannot refer or recommand this bank to others.

4. In HP gas annanagar selvam gas, they not response promptly, they take off telephone receiver in afternoon. their service is very poor no customer response. bad handling, delivery boys demand more money to delivery the gas at every homes.

5. In St.Justin Education college, madurai, we ask for B.Ed maths admission they tell by a application and submit then we will call later. we do like that but after 3 days we go and ask if seat is there? they said maths seats already closed. then why can they sales application forms, we lose Rs. 200 and time, petrol... don't play in others life...please

In elance (freelancer website)i pay for 1month membership. but elance was taken monthly fee $9.95 (RS. 500x6=3000) continusly form apr 2009 to sep 2009 without i use that service. i cancel my elance account and paypal account all freelancers please donot support elance. No proof for fee taken in my profile. worst service poor customer support waste elance. creditcard is mostly misused in websites, it will affect creditcard facility.

7. For diploma in catering passed students can join directly to M.Sc tourism or MA tourism mgnt in Madurai kamarajar university - MKU but diploma in Electronics and communication engg (DECE) passed students cannot able to join directly to Msc computerscience why this is ? what will do ?

8. A worst house owner in masthanpatti, near karupayurani, madurai they ask more money for  cleaning house when vacate. One day tatant will become a house owner and house owner will become a tatent this will happen always, so all house owners keep in mind, don't forget. respect tatents in this problem we loss nearly Rs.4600 (note: do not go for rent for a newly build house)

9. Nowadays all companies, schools are bring the educational certificates from their staffs. In Mother therasa school, madurai they have less class rooms and more students. they take class nearby near another class how to study students. they give the launch at near the bathrooms, this is bad? please do need full.

10. ****Do not buy web hosting from squarebrothers and manashosting they will not respond properly and their have not any own servers and also thier servers are not well protected by antivirus. we loss 2 government clients by that virus and site will harm. they also get more bad reviews in some other sites also, please check before you buy from these companies****

11. We have a current account in SBT bank madurai  branch we do not use some more time after we wish to close that account. but we maintained full minimum balance. that bank says already we close our account due to nil balance after verification they says we increase current account minimum balance from some date onwards but they do not inform that message as increase current account minimum balance. so they automatically fine every 3 months and reduce money from our minimum balance we maintained Rs.3000. this is purely SBT problem if they inform we will put money or close account on that time.
... ...... PRESS RELEASE
..... ......, ....... ........, .............., .....-400001
DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION, Central OfficeB.S.Marg, Mumbai-400001
, S..../Phone: 91 22 2266 0502 ...../Fax: 91 22 2266 0358
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....... :
Website :
.-... email:
February 15, 2011
Do Not Pay Money to receive Large Funds from Abroad: RBI Advisory
The Reserve Bank has today once again issued an advisory cautioning the members of public against responding in any manner to offers of moneys from abroad. It has stated that such offers are fraudulent and has advised the public to immediately register a complaint with the local police/ cyber crime authorities when they receive such offers or become a victim of any such fraud.
Members of public have also been cautioned against making any remittance towards participation in such schemes/offers from unknown entities since such remittances are illegal and any resident in India collecting and effecting/remitting such payments directly/indirectly outside India is liable to be proceeded against for contravention of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. They are also liable for violation of regulations relating to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms/Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards.
The Reserve Bank has further stated that it does not undertake any type of money arrangement, by whatever name called, and it does not take any responsibility for recovering moneys remitted in response to such bogus communication.
For any further clarification in the matter, the Reserve Bank has advised the public to contact the officials of the Foreign Exchange Department at its various Regional Offices or at its Central Office, Foreign Exchange Department on telephone numbers 022- 22610589 / 22610618 or 2260 1000 extn. 2772 / 2732 during office hours (9.45 hours to 17.45 hours Monday to Friday) or seek clarification by e-mail . The public may also refer to the cautionary advices hosted on the home page of the RBI website ( as a ticker for more information.
The Reserve Bank has stated that it has urged the Indian Banks’ Association and banks to educate their customers to be extra vigilant with regard to such fictitious offers. Banks have also been advised to take up with law enforcing agencies whenever accounts of their customers are misused for such fraudulent activities.
How do the Fraudsters operate?
The Reserve Bank of India has, on several occasions in the past, cautioned the members of public not to fall prey to fictitious offers / lottery winnings / remittance of cheap funds in foreign currency from abroad by so-called foreign entities/ individuals or
to Indian residents acting as representatives of such entities/individuals. Describing the manner in which the fraudsters operate, the Reserve Bank has stated that the fraudsters send attractive offers to gullible public through letters, e-mails, mobile phones, SMSs, etc. To lend credence to such offers, the communication is often sent on/ from letterheads /websites that appear to be like that of some public authorities like the Reserve Bank of India. The offers are apparently signed by top executives/senior officials of such authorities. However, only the names of the officials may be correct but their signatures are faked. The offer document would contain contact details of a so-called RBI officer working in some department in the Reserve Bank.
The fraudsters initially ask potential victims to deposit small sums of money for different official sounding reasons, such as, processing fees/ transaction fees/tax clearance charges/conversion charges, clearing fees, etc. The victims are asked to deposit the money in certain accounts in banks. The fraudsters often have multiple accounts in the name of individuals or proprietary concerns in different bank branches for collecting such charges. Often gullible genuine account holders are persuaded by the fraudsters to lend their accounts for such fraudulent activities on the promise of receiving some commission. Once the initial amount is deposited, demands for more money follow with more official sounding reasons. After accumulating a sizeable amount in these accounts, the fraudsters withdraw or transfer the money abroad and vanish leaving the victims in a lurch. Many residents have already become victims and have lost huge sums of money by falling for such fictitious offers.
Alpana Killawala
Press Release : 2010-2011/1177 Chief General Manager
Dear Franchisees (ICW),
Greetings of the day!!!!!
It has been brought to our notice by IRCTC that many Franchisees are indulging in illegal and unethical activities while dealing with customers of IRCTC. Some of the common illegal and unethical practices adopted by Franchisees that have been reported by IRCTC to us are as follows:
1. Charging fees to the customers in excess of the fees prescribed by IRCTC,
2. Changing/editing the value of the ticket to show higher fare than the actual fare,
3. Creation of dummy User profile (personal login IDs) on IRCTC Web portal (B2C) as a passenger and book TATKAL Railway e-Tickets for their customers and make commercial use of the IRCTC web portal which is only meant for end customers for self use.
4. Booking TATKAL Railway e-Tickets during agent restricted time 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. by creating and using number of personal login IDs.
5. Using illegal software for automating the bookings through IRCTC web portal and Web-services.
6. Non refund/Delay of refund amount after cancellation,
7. Non filling up of the requisition/cancellation slips,
8. Filing of False TDR claims,
9. Non adherence to the DO’s and Don’ts and other terms and conditions as prescribed by IRCTC from time to time
We wish to inform you all that the list of malpractices as mentioned above are clearly in violation of the law and can lead to the following penal actions against you if found guilty:
1. Permanent disabling of the sub-agent id and,
2. In case of overcharging fees double the amount overcharged will be recovered and,
3. A penalty of Rs 20000/-(Rupees twenty thousand only) in each case and
4. Filing of FIRs or suitable criminal proceedings against you in the respective police stations or competent court of law which may result in imprisonment/fine or both.
ICWs that have been found indulging in the above mentioned malpractices will attract any or all of the above mentioned penalties.
All are requested to desist from these acts and help us to avoid the embarrassment on our part of penalizing you and disabling your IDs.
Thank you
For Interactive Financial & Trading Services P. Ltd.,
Dear Distributors and Franchisees,
Greetings of the day!!!!!
You are our valued channel partners. You are aware that the business of the Company is regulated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the provisions of the Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2007, read with rules and regulations and RBI Guidelines issued thereunder, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Guidelines, Combating Financing of Terrorist (CFT) guidelines, Know Your Customer (KYC) Guidelines are made applicable to business of the Company. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Company as well as its channel partners to comply with the said provisions to carry on the business seamlessly. The Company is issuing this circular to protect the interest of company as well its channel partners so that business should not suffer.
It has come to our notice through the large number of cases which are under investigations being conducted by Anti-Terrorist Squads, Cyber Crime Cells, Crime Braches and various investigating agencies all over India, that many Distributors & Franchisees are being lured by fraudsters/antisocial elements by asking them to participate in fake lottery schemes/scams.
Off late many of our esteemed distributors and ICWs have received calls from various numbers whose country code starts with +92 (Pakistan) asking them about their bank account details. Many distributors have actually given the bank details and also received huge sums of money that has been deposited in their bank accounts. The caller then calls the distributors and tells them that money has been deposited into their accounts and asks the distributors for the account numbers and passwords of Itzcash cards against the money deposited. . In some cases the person calls an unknown person (neither a Distributor nor an ICW) asks for his bank account number and gets many common people (informs them that they have won a lottery and requests them to deposit money as processing fees) into an account of unknown person,
. He then calls that unknown person and informs him that he should withdraw that money and go to an Itzcash distributor to buy ItzCash cards. Once the cards are purchased, the person in Pakistan calls and asks the unknown person give an account numbers and passwords of ItzCash cards.
They have been cheating many people in India in many cities and now it has come to the notice of the police authorities and CBI who are conducting investigations. Some of our distributors have also been arrested and are in police lock-up for participating in such type of fraud by allowing their bank accounts to be used for this purpose. If any one of you fall prey intentionally or un-intentionally participating and involving in such bogus lottery schemes/scams you will be liable for penal action under AML/CFT/KYC/PSS guidelines, regulations and act.
IFTSPL hereby advises all of you to be careful and diligent in selling cards to strangers or unknown persons over phone and requests that you should exercise utmost caution while issuing cards to people who are not retailers or ICWs. You are also advised that if any customer wants cards of higher denominations you should collect and maintain his ID, address proof and his genuine mobile phone numbers before issuing cards to them. You are also advised not to disclose account number and pass word of ItzCash card to any stranger over the phone. You are not supposed to scratch the masked account number and password printed on the back side of ItzCash Card.
If anyone is found violating the instructions, IFTSPL absolves itself of all liabilities arising from such fraud schemes/scam and is not liable or responsible for any claim or penal action of whatever nature arising out of any such fraudulent scheme/s.
IFTSPL will initiate appropriate legal action against those distributors and franchisees that are found party to or involved in any such fraudulent scheme/s. IFTSPL also reserves the right to withhold all funds received from distributors if it comes to their knowledge of your indulgence in any fraudulent activity.
If you receive any such call or come across any such incident, you are requested to immediately inform IFTSPL on 022-61125757 or e-mail us at
You are advised not to interact or entertain any such unknown/ suspicious calls and fall victim to such bogus schemes/scams.
Thank you
For Interactive Financial & Trading Services P Ltd,
Hello my good friend, Greetings in the name of our Lord. Sorry for my late reply, I misplaced your telephone number and decided to inform you through your e-mail address about my succes in getting those fund transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from India.I am now in India for some investment project with my own shear of the sum,meanwhile,I did not forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring it despite that it failed us somehow. Now,contact my personal secretary in Benin Republic on the info below; Name----- DR FRANK Email----- ( Phone--- +229 93439731 Ask him to send you the certified Bank Check worth of $1.6 m us,which I kept for your compensation and in appreciation for all your efforts and attempts to assist me that time. Feel free to get in touch with him and instruct him where to send you the check. Do not forget to re-confirm your full information to him,such as, 1.Your name, 2.Age, 4.Phone number 5.Address, 6.Country 7.Idd, to assure him that you are the real person. Please do let me know immediately you receives your check so that we can share the joy together after all the sufferings. Try to be honest with Mr.Parker because he is a God fearing man. Once again,Thanks and God bless. Dr. Hanns Everitt. NOW CONTACT MY SECRETARY FOR YOUR COMPENSATION.

Fake emails - do not believe

fromJackpot Update
dateSat, Jun 4, 2011 at 1:00 PM
hide details 1:00 PM (21 hours ago)

The National Jackpot.

Your E-mail ID has made you a jackpot winner of One Million Pounds(1,000,000) in the June edition of our
online draw. Reply to this mail by sending the requested data.

Mobile No

Best Regards,

lottery cheating

PO BOX 1010
This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of One Million Great Britain
Pounds (£1,000,000.00) for 2010/2011 Prize promotion which is organized by UK LOTTO every (2) yrs UK.
This is a Millennium Scientific Computer Draw in which your email addresses were Selected Among the
SIX winners around the WORLD. Your email address was selected from the World-Wide Data-base. Asia,
India.Africa, America and Part of Australia Continents of the online promotion. to encourage internet
users, you do Not need to buy ticket before you are selected as the Winner

Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center. Award must be claimed no later than
30th days, from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited. Your
identification numbers: Ticket Winning Number 356-00098-3211-222, Reference Lucky Number 67-99-
777963, and Serial Number .818-09

These numbers fall within the United Kingdom Location file, you are requested to contact our claim agent in
United Kingdom and send your winning identification numbers to him:

You are advised to send the following information to your Claims Agent to facilitate the release of your fund
to you. Send your information to our fiduciary claims Agent to start the process of your winning and also
ensure that your ticket number and batch number is send to our claims officer for confirmation purpose.
1. FULL NAMES: ________________________
2. ADDRESS: ____________________________
3. SEX / AGE: ____________________________
4. MARITAL STATUS: _______________________
5. OCCUPATION: _________________________
6. TELEPHONE NUMBER: _________________________
7. MOBILE NUMBER: _________________________
8. STATE: _________________________
9. COUNTRY / NATIONALITY: __________________
Congratulations!!! Once again,
Claim Agent Name: DR DENNIS SMITH
Tel: Tel: +44 7017470049

WARNING! You may also receive similar e-mails from people portraying to be other Organizations of
yahoo Inc. This is solely to collect your personal information from you and lay claim over your winning. In
event that you receive any e-mail similar to the notification letter that was sent to you, kindly delete it from
your mailbox and give no further correspondence to such person or body.

Copyright 2010-2011 The U.K. National Lottery Inc.


dateTue, Jun 14, 2011 at 5:49 AM
hide details 5:49 AM (4 hours ago)

Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.  Learn more
£950,000.00 GBP was awarded to your Id in our British Mercedes Benz Promo
file your claims contact our fiduciary agent for claims:

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